Frequently Asked questions

  • Are preserved flowers real flowers?

Yes, they are REAL. They are no way artificial. We only use the highest quality real Ecuadorian Preserved Roses, Hydrangeas and freeze-dried Peonies.


  • How long do they last?

They can last for months or even up to a year if you follow our simple flower care instructions and your environment is suitable for them. The flowers may change colour, shape and texture as time goes by.

The longevity of Preserved Flowers is not guaranteed, it has been known for these products to last for months if not years.


  • How do they last for so long?

It is called flower preservation. The beautiful fresh flowers are cut during their full bloom then the natural sap is replaced with a moisture - a mixture of glycerin, water and colouring. This preserves the flowers' natural softness, beautiful strong colour and silky soft shine. Please note that they do not smell like fresh flowers. 


  • Do you do custom orders?

We can customise an arrangement just simply email us and let us know what would you like and we will get back to you if it is possible to arrange or not. Please note custom orders may take longer.


  • Will the flower arrangement be exactly the same as on the picture?

Please be aware that the flowers may appear slightly different due to lighting of the picture. Also note that the number of the flowers may vary due to the size of the buds, the number in the description box is just approximate however we do our best to match those. We assure You that your arrangement will look as perfect as it could be.


  • Can I take the flowers out of their box?

No, we do not recommend taking the flowers out of their box as they are fixed in there with floral wire. They are well protected in there and meant to stay there for the entire lifespan of the arrangement.


  • How to care for your preserved flowers arrangement?


Please follow these simple flower care instructions to ensure your flowers last for a long time.


- Do NOT water the flowers, they don't need any!
- Preserved Flowers do not smell like fresh flowers but do NOT spray them with perfumes or anything as chemicals may cause the buds to shrink!
- Do NOT remove the flowers from their box as they are fixed inside with floral wire and moving the flowers may cause the petals to break as they are fragile! Please always be careful during handling/moving your arrangement!
- Always keep your arrangement away from direct sunlight, draughts and extreme temperatures! Do NOT place your flowers near heaters, radiators, air conditioning, humid areas, kitchen, windows! Ideal room temperature should be around 18-20 Celsius degrees.

- Avoid environment which is damped, highly humid, smoke areas
- You may gently dust the top of the arrangement with a feather duster if it is needed.
- The roses have been treated with some colouring so they might slightly stain.


Please note that preserved flowers should last up to a year or even longer however we can not guarantee how long they will last for as it depends on your environment and care. No returns, refund or exchange after 24hours of receipt! 


The longevity of Preserved Flowers is not guaranteed, it has been known for these products to last for months if not years.

  • Do you accept returns?

In the unlikely event you wish to return your flowers please note that because each arrangement is catered and designed to a specific individual, we are unable to accept returns. Please see our Returns Policy in our Terms and Conditions.


Please contact us at with any questions, comments, concerns and one of our customer service team member will do everything possible to help you.


  • How can I cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel an order, please make sure you contact us 48 hours before scheduled delivery date. Please note that charges apply if you cancel your order. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more info and contact us at


  • What payment method do you accept?

Please note that as we are an online boutique, all orders has to go through our website. You may make payment online via Paypal once you have placed your order, or if you don't have a Paypal account you can use 'Paypal Guest Checkout' to make payment by card or we accept payment over the phone - in that case please call us on 01242 516227 to make payment.


  • How does delivery work?

We offer special hand delivery by our business driver, we do not use postage or any other courier service at all to avoid any problems during delivery. Delivery charge depends on your location so please contact us at We aim to quote the lowest possible price for delivery, sometimes if we have more deliveries in the same area we could offer you less delivery charge than on other days.


  • Satisfaction guarantee

We guarantee that you will receive your arrangement as shown on our webshop. We try our best to keep the roses as close to the product photos as possible. Please always check measurements of the flower boxes to make sure you are aware of the size of the box. You can find all information regarding your selected flower box collection in their description box.

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